Welcome to My Studio

  Please have fun discovering the way I see the world, and hopefully you will come away with something you feel would be great for your product. The slide show below has 18 images, to give you an overview of some of the subjects I enjoy painting.


  My site is now password protected as it is a commercial site . Should you wish to see all my art, please shoot me an email and I'll pass it along. I'm hoping this cuts down on the theft and use of my copyrighted art illegally. 


  This site is a little different than the previous one, the tool bar is at the top. When you hover your browser over artwork a menu will drop down with 2 columns of subjects. Just pick a subject and click. There are no more pages to go thru, just scroll down in each category. Below is a slide show with just a few samples of my work. Please be sure to give me a shout should you encounter any difficulties. 

   By the way, I am in the process of uploading newer scans of art here, so if some appear greyer, they are older scans and will be replaced. In the meantime, should you need to see a newer scan, I would be happy to send one for review.    


Donna Race

Should you wish to contact me about my work, 

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  Donna Race

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  Portland, OR.